The Mastectomy Fashion Industry Begins to Blossom

Breast cancer can be a devastating diagnosis. It’s a conquerable cancer, but on the road to victory, there are often emotional and physical wipe-outs. Even so, cancer survivors also fight the characterization of themselves as “victims,” and this movement towards empowerment has given rise to a blossoming post-mastectomy fashion industry.

Confidence Demands Comfort

After a mastectomy, many women struggle to come to terms with their new physique. In case the non-surgical treatments weren’t painful enough, surgery involves scars, an arduous physical recovery period, and the loss of one or both breasts. Mavens of the mastectomy fashion industry not only maintain that asserting a confident appearance helps encourage a healthy recovery and promote a stronger self-image, but they understand that to look great after surgery, comfort is key. Much of the mastectomy fashion industry revolves around undergarments and intimate apparel, and fit and function are every bit as important as flare. Mastectomy bras account for asymmetrical support and stabilization needs, as well as providing built-in breast forms or pockets for prostheses, and most have front closures for easier on and off. Mastectomy camisoles and nighties also include pockets, but add a lacy layer or a splashy print.

Wigs, hats, turbans, and scarves accessorize mastectomy fashions, with whole websites and online communities dedicated to maximizing their potential. With confidence in her appearance, a mastectomy patient can put her best foot forward and take charge, of her recovery and of her place in the world. It’s no wonder the mastectomy fashion industry is an emerging one. Visit this website to learn more about mastectomy fashions and mastectomy prostheses in Campbell.


About ashleyjonesca

Ashley has been associated and active in Women Empowerment for more than 10 years.
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